Printed Labels Reed Diffusers

101 images for our Custom Printed Labels are shown below in several subject categories. Labels are printed in brilliant, high resolution color on oil-resistant glossy 2″x2″ self-stick labels.

Weddings, Baby Showers, Party Favors – seasonal scents perfect for inn rooms, hotel lobbies, restrooms and guest rooms – you name it a custom label on your diffusers will be a pleasing way to enhance any room. Also a wonderful way of providing a keep sake memory for your special event. Do something different something memorable.

Customize your Reed Diffusers sets with your own labels now.

[product id=bbaaeb0e-0214-11e2-b948-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLYoga]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Yoga[/product]

[product id=bb4ba590-0214-11e2-9183-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLSwirlingLeaves]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Swirling Leaves[/product]

[product id=bae584ea-0214-11e2-b055-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLSingleMapleLeaf]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Single Maple Leaf[/product]

[product id=bb327480-0214-11e2-9eec-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLRedRose]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Red Rose[/product]

[product id=bb8e8504-0214-11e2-ab38-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLMooseSunset]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Moose Sunset[/product]

[product id=bafa1c16-0214-11e2-bceb-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLCoffeeCup]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Coffee Cup[/product]

[product id=baef6726-0214-11e2-9a4e-000e0c6ade61 sku=CPLApplePie]Custom Printed Self-Stick Label – Apple Pie[/product]


Printed Labels Reed Diffusers