Travel with a Feel Good Reed Diffuser Oil !

Add an uplifting element to your quart bag of 3 ounce air travel bottles. Even a 2 ounce bottle of a reed diffuser oil can make your business travel more relaxed, and your vacation travel more soothing.

Like the rest of your liquids, be sure to contain your 2 ounces of oil in its original bottle, or use a liquid-specific travel bottle to prevent leakage. Bring along some of our diffuser reeds that you’ve cut shorter- 6 or 7 inches.

When you get to you destination, place the bottle on your nightstand or in the bathroom, add a half dozen or so reeds and flip them over so that the oil-soaked ends are up. In no time at all, our reeds will have dispersed the scent throughout your space. When you return from a busy day, your room will have more of a home-away-from-home feel.

We like Seashore for a fresh, relaxing feeling. What’s yours?

Travel with a Feel Good Reed Diffuser Oil

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