Best Reed Diffusers

Best Reed Diffusers

The Best Reed Diffusers are those that match the fragrance of your home with the seasons. When you and your guests enter your home, the fragrance will be natural, not overwhelming and not confusing.

Christmas cinnamon in the living room in April? That’s confusing.

Japanese cherry blossoms, lilacs, citrus, flower shop, lavender rain… those are more like what you want to smell in the spring. Fresh scents.

The Best Reed Diffusers should make your home feel well cared for, as if everything is in its place, clean and ready for company.

Best Reed DiffusersBest Reed Diffusers

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Teardrop Reed Diffuser Bottles – Special Priced this week!

Teardrop Reed Diffuser Bottles

Our clear teardrop reed diffuser is one of our most popular bottles. For good reason-

It’s just the right size for 10 or 12″ reed diffusers.

It goes with any decor at any time of year.

And it has a nice shape for small bouquets of fresh or silk flowers.

4 3/8″ tall. 2 3/4″ diam. 5 oz.

Why use reed diffusers? Reed diffusers emit no carbon or soot. Candles send up a layer of black carbon that settles on your furniture, draperies and ceiling. Reed Diffusers have no flame, so there’s no danger of fire. Just keep your reed diffusers in a location where they won’t accidentally be knocked over, and out of the reed of pets and small children.

Teardrop Reed Diffuser Bottles

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teardrop reed diffuser bottles

Pumpkin Spice Reed Diffusers – A Fall Favorite!

Pumpkin Spice Reed Diffusers are most popular at this time of year- fall harvest season, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

It’s probably no surprise to you since it seems that Pumpkin Spice is a much demanded flavor and fragrance in all kinds of products at this time of year.

…and while a cozy fire in the fireplace is great at this time of year, you should seriously reconsider the use of any candles in your home. Almost all candles emit black soot that gradually builds up on your draperies, ceilings and air filters. We recently had a power outage that required us to use some candles for a few hours. When the power came back on, our air dehumidifier shut down an hour later and we found a layer of black carbon soot from the candles blocking the air intake. Wow.

Reed diffusers will solve that problem.

Our perennial fall favorite is an enticing, warm blend of fresh cinnamon, ginger root, nutmeg and allspice. Pumpkin Spice Reed Diffuser epitomizes a hometown country kitchen and it’s on sale this week. From $6.38. *15% off!

Pumpkin Spice Reed Diffusers

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pumpkin spice reed diffusers